2017 World Communications Forum: Public Diplomacy and Communication: Two sides of the Same Coin?

On 14 March, I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 World Communications Forum in Geneva in which I participated as a panelist at a panel debate on public diplomacy and communication with Daniel Holtgen (Director of Communications and Spokesperson of the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General at the Council of Europe) and Jennifer Stapper (Chief of the Communications Section at UN Volunteers – Germany).

The panel debate was moderated by Yogesh Joshi, the President of the Association of Business Communicators of India.

I had the pleasure of speaking on the role of public diplomacy and human rights arguing that public diplomacy, when used uniformly and in good faith, has the potential to advance the realization of human rights.

Nonetheless, the politicization of human rights and the selective application of international law norms give rise to skepticism and even cynicism among many audiences.

It questions the credibility of the United Nations and in particular of the Human Rights Council depends on their commitment to apply international law, and in particular human rights standards, objectively and not à la carte.

Please see some pictures below.

Facebook page world communication summit

Photo credit: 2017 World Communication Forum https://www.facebook.com/WorldCommForumDavos



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