Migrants and Refugees Have Rights: Impact of EU Policies on Accessing Protection

Here is an interesting press release issued by my former professor of migration in Geneva Mr. Patrick Taran, founder of Global Migration Policy Associates (GMPA) headquartered in Geneva.

It is worthwhile reading and sharing the release with your communities as it addresses a very important subject: Migrants and refugees have rights.

Below is also the link to the very interesting report on migration published by Caritas.



March 24, 2016 (Arbanon Blog) – Thursday 17 March at the European Parliament in Brussels, Caritas Europa launched its comprehensive report “Migrants and Refugees Have Rights: Impact of EU Policies on Accessing Protection.”

The report was «made in GMPA», researched and written by Patrick Taran with Evalyn Tennant, Arnaud Bertin and Beier Lin with research assistance by Lily Erikson and Fangzhou Liang, according to a communique issued by the Global Migration Policy Associates (GMPA).

GMPA President Patrick Taran was featured speaker at the EP launch, hosted by MEP Cecila Wikström (Sweden), along with MEPs from three of the main Europarliamentary political groups.

PictureThe report is one of the most comprehensive assessments to date of EU migration and asylum law, policy and practice, covering 1) access to protection, humanitarian visas, and resettlement; 2) non-refoulement; 3) family reunification; 4) labour migration and mobility; and 5) irregular migration.

Its recommendations comprise an agenda for action that could well serve the European Commission, and the European Parliament –as well as the Council– with a more appropriate values-based way forward than reflected in recent measures dealing with the «refugee crisis».

The report is now available at: http://www.caritas.eu/sites/default/files/160317_migration_report_migrants_have_rights.pdf


GMPA –Global Migration Policy Associates– is a independent global expert group on migration, bringing together 40 internationally recognized professional and academic specialists from all regions around the world.  GMPA members conduct research, policy development, advisory services, training and advocacy worldwide on international migration.

Photo credit: Caritas Europa




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