IPU-ILO-OHCHR Parliamentarians Handbook on Migration, Human Rights and Governance

GENEVA, December 19, 2015 (Arbanon) – Last week, Dr. Patrick Taran, the President of the Global Migration Policy Associates,  announced that the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) launched the new Parliamentarians Handbook on Migration, Human Rights and Governance with fanfare at its 133rd Assembly in Geneva last month.

The Handbook was produced jointly with ILO (International Labour Organization) and OHCHR (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights).

It is an excellent tool and support for advocacy and cooperation with parliamentarians or congressional delegates, other elected representatives, and government officials in any country.

TaranCo-authors are Ryszard Cholewinski, ILO, Lee Swepston, formerly ILO and Dr. Patrick Taran.  Ryszard and Dr. Taran had the honor of presenting it to the IPU Assembly, attended by some 700 parliamentarians from 137 countries.

Available in English in pdf and hard copy order form at:  http://www.ipu.org/english/handbks.htm#migration

Available in French at http://www.ipu.org/french/handbks.htm#migration

The Spanish edition will be ready in late December./Blerim Mustafa

Photo credit: Dr. Patrick Taran – Global Migration Policy Associates


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