Presheva Jone participates at UN event celebrating cultural diversity

GENEVA, UN March 24, 2015 – In relation to the 2015 World Poetry Day, the news agency Presheva Jone was cordially invited to participate in a side-event held at the United Nations Office in Geneva to celebrate cultural diversity.

The event was co-arranged by the Permanent Mission of the Sultanate of Oman to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva and the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue.

Among the main speakers at the event was Ms Ruth Hahn-Weinert, Chair of UNOG Cultural Activities Committee of the United Nations at Geneva, representing Michael Moller the Acting Director-General of the United Nations at Geneva. In her opening remarks to the audience. Mrs. Weinert pointed out that poetry unites people and encourages dialogue.

BMAFDZH.E. Ambassador Abdulla Nasser Al Rahbi representing the Permanent Mission of Oman thanked the Geneva Centre for the Advancement of Human Rights and Global Dialogue, represented by the Executive Director Mr. Imad Zuhairi, for the initiative and their exquisite collaboration.

Other key opening remarks were also made by H.E Ambassador Maria Fernanda Espinosa of the Permanent Mission of Ecuador as well as the Syrian poet Mr. Ali Ahmed Said Esber.

In total, 27 participants were invited to present their poems in their respective languages which made the event a cultural melting pot.

Dr. Alfred de Zayas, the UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, and Mr. Marko Stanovic President of the United Nations Society of Writers (UNSW) also attended the event to represent the UN’s poetry community.

Dr. de Zayas, who is also President of PEN International Centre Suisse Romand and the editor-in-chief of the UN literary journal Ex Tempore commented:

“The feelings and yearnings expressed in poetry demonstrate the commonality of all human beings, whether African, American, Asian or European, whether Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist.

“It is the vocation of the United Nations and more particularly of UNESCO to promote human understanding through literature, as indeed the Charter of PEN international unites all authors in the common aspiration to live in peace and harmony with each other.”/ Blerim Mustafa

Photo credit: Blerim Mustafa

* This article was written by the author in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not represent the view of Leidar

Link to original article (Presheva Jone, also available below):

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PJ komente

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