Kosovo residents encourage UN Special Rapporteur to address the right to housing

LeilaniGENEVA, June 11, 2015  – Following her two-day visit in Kosovo to address the situation on the right to housing, the UN Special Rapporteur Ms. Leilani Farha states to Presheva Jone that many of the residents in Kosovo, of whom she have met during her fact-finding mission, have encouraged the UN Special Rapporteur to address their situation on the right to adequate housing.

Her statement comes following her latest press statement where she stressed the deep discrepancy between law and reality on the right to adequate housing in Kosovo.

“I was warmly welcomed into the homes of many families in Kosovo. A number of my interviews were quite emotional. Housing plays such a fundamental role in the lives of most people.

“I learned that for particular vulnerable groups, housing conditions are not adequate, lacking access to basic services such as drinking water, and electricity, and that residents often lack sufficient income to pay for these and other necessities.

“Not surprisingly, these inadequate conditions were upsetting for those I interviewed, particularly where they felt they were unable to provide adequately for their children. Residents indicated that with few employment opportunities available, they found it impossible to make ends meet.

“Most of the residents with whom I spoke had a modest request: that they be able to enjoy the human right to adequate housing, including access to affordable electricity and to water and sanitation,” Ms. Farha stated to the Albanian news agency Presheva Jone./ Blerim Mustafa

Photo credit: United Nations

Link to original article (Presheva Jone, also available below): http://www.preshevajone.com/kosovo-residents-encourage-un-special-rapporteur-to-address-right-to-housing-2/

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